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Iowa Law at 150

“To know the future of the Iowa Law School we need to know its history. The Law School will evolve and change. Our aspiration, however, remains constant. EXCELLENCE is the Iowa Law School’s never ending frontier.” - Willard L. “Sandy” Boyd President Emeritus and Rawlings/Miller Professor of Law, University of Iowa

The founders of Iowa Law came to the western frontier hungry for an opportunity to shape and practice the law in ways that benefit the surrounding community. That pioneering spirit continues to drive Iowa Law’s students and faculty forward with each new academic year.

Through times of war and times of peace, through times of prosperity and times of strain, Iowa Law has remained unwaveringly committed to advancing society’s understanding of the law and its problem-solving capacities and to producing graduates who can thrive no matter what the future might bring. Carrying out that mission requires us continually to make judgments about what should be retained and what should be changed. There are threads in the fabric of our curriculum that trace their origins to Iowa Law’s very first years in operation; there are others that our founders would not recognize. The law, the needs of the  societies we serve, and the available technologies for teaching and studying have changed dramatically since our founders first set us on our course, and we have evolved accordingly. The collections housed by Iowa Law’s world-class library have steadily broadened, as have the subjects on which Iowa Law’s faculty members teach and write. What has never changed is Iowa Law’s determination to produce leaders who can serve their communities in the finest traditions of the profession.

Thank you for being part of our first 150 years. All of us at Iowa Law are enormously proud of our history and of the pioneering faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends who helped bring us to where we are today.

Gail B. Agrawal
Dean and F. Wendell Miller Professor of Law