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Grassley, Ernst Recognize 150th Anniversary of the University of Iowa College of Law

Whenever we ask alumni what they remember most about their time at Iowa Law, their answers inevitably start with, “The people!”

They go on to tell us about their classmates and colleagues as well as their mentors and heroes. In honor of Iowa Law’s 150th anniversary, we wondered whether it would be possible to share the stories of 150 alumni. We quickly realized that we could never put a cap on the Iowa Law stories that needed to be told. During the last 150 years, the people of Iowa Law have included countless leaders and trailblazers--all of them fascinating.

Nominations for the 150th People Project have closed. Please consider nominating your your candidate for the 2016 Law Alumni Award.

We’ll share as many stories as we can through social media, our web site, e-newsletter, and at Boyd Law Building.

Thank you for being part of our first 150.

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