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Legal Clinic and Advocacy


Clinical Law Program

The College of Law's Clinical Law Programs reflect the richness and diversity of modern law practice and the College of Law's commitment to clinical education. The clinic operates as a law firm within the walls of the Boyd Law Building, offering students the opportunity to put their legal skills to...

Clinic Application Process and Requirements

Application Process Eligibility Upon completion of the equivalent of three semesters of law school (a minimum of 39 credit hours), students are able to enroll in Clinic programs. Students are eligible if they have completed a full summer semester (for a total of at least nine credit hours) and two...

Moot Court Competitions

Appellate Advocacy The Appellate Advocacy program is designed to give second-year students a chance to prepare and argue an interrelated question of law and fact in an adversarial setting. In September, advocates begin a ten-week process of researching and brief writing that culminates in oral...