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Adam Chilton (Class of 2014)

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Undergraduate school and major: University of Arkansas, Economics and Political Science

Extra-curricular or co-curricular activities in which you were involved during law school:

Moot Court, Mock Trial, ADR Competition

Current employer:

Polsinelli, PC


 Dallas, TX

Job title:

Associate Attorney

Description of what you do:

Health care defense litigation.

Your favorite part of your job:

No day is ever the same as the last

Your interests outside of work:

Biking, Basketball, Lifting

What is your favorite movie:

Boogie Nights

What do you wish your 1L/2L/3L self knew about the job search:

It is a long and frustrating process, and you learn that you aren't as charming as you think you are.

What advice do you have for success in summer positions:

Don't do an unpaid internship. If they won't pay you, they probably won't hire you.