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Administering Patent Law

In October 2018, Iowa Law Review and the Iowa Innovation, Business and Law Center, directed by Professor Jason Rantanen, hosted the “Administering Patent Law” symposium. Iowa Law Review recently published an issue with articles from the symposium, including an essay by Professor Rantanen.   

From the essay’s abstract:

Ten years ago, few people—with the exception of a handful of visionary academics—spent much time thinking about the significance of administrative law to the patent system. Today, administrative law issues pervade the patent system, from examiners and patent judges up to the United States Supreme Court. At the same time, modern administrative law itself faces a series of challenges that call into question its fundamental premises, such as the degree of deference that courts should grant agencies and the amount of political control that is constitutionally permissible or required. What does all this mean for the future of patent law?

Thanks to the support of the David P. Hellwege fund at the Iowa Law School Foundation, this Issue of the Iowa Law Review contains an amazing array of scholarship on these topics from some of today’s brightest and most prominent patent law thinkers.

Read the full essay here.

Jason Rantanen, Administering Patent Law, 104 Iowa L. Rev. 2299 (2019).

For more publications by Professor Rantanen, visit his faculty bibliography page.

Jason Rantanen