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Caleb Copley ( Class of 2017)

Hometown: Des Moines

Your favorite Iowa Law memory:

Winning the regional trial advocacy tournament both years I competed and making it to quarter finals at nationals

Current employer:

Scott County Attorney's Office


Davenport, Iowa

Job title:

Assistant County Attorney

Description of what you do:

 I was blessed to be given the opportunity to start on the felony docket straight out of law school. That means I handle everything from Class D felonies all the way up to Class A felonies. I second chaired my first murder trial in July, and have another murder trial in November.

Your favorite part of your job:

Being able to help people who have been victimized by others.

Your interests outside of work:

Photography, Cooking, Sports, Spending Time With Family and Friends

What is your favorite movie:

The Dark Knight

What do you wish your 1L/2L/3L self knew about the job search:

That it's not always about grades. You can still succeed in life, and still be a great attorney without being in the top 10% of your class.

What advice do you have for success in summer positions:

Be passionate about your work, be willing to go above and beyond what's required of you, and don't be afraid to get your name out there as much as possible.