Judicial Clerkships

Iowa Law has a highly successful judicial clerkship support program.  Since 2012, on average approximately 15% of the graduating class began their legal careers as judicial clerks.  Other graduates obtain clerkships after working a year or more.  Iowa Law graduates clerk for federal appellate and district court judges, state trial, appellate and Supreme Court justices, and an array of specialty courts. Some graduates have gone on to become judges themselves.  

Whether you are interested in working at a state or federal court, at a trial or appellate court, or at a specialty court, Iowa Law is committed to helping you find the post-graduate judicial clerkship opportunity that is right for you. Judicial clerkships provide terrific opportunities to learn from judges while providing worthwhile public service.

Judicial Clerkship Listserv

Are you interested in a judicial clerkship? Then join the Judicial Clerkship Listserv. Email AJ Finch to subscribe.

The Judicial Clerkship Committee

The Judicial Clerkship Committee consists of faculty members and Career Services personnel charged with assisting students with the clerkship application process and providing advice about judicial clerkships.  The Clerkship Committee maintains an array of resources for students and engages in active outreach efforts.  Students considering a judicial clerkship should make an appointment with a member of the Judicial Clerkship Committee.

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