Centers and Institutes

Research centers and outreach programs are an important element in the University of Iowa College of Law's overall service to the outside professional and civic communities. For many years the College was home to the nation's first Agricultural Law Center. The Center closed some years ago, but in the interim period eight new Centers and Institutes have arisen in such diverse fields as health law and policy, disability law and policy, not-for-profit entities, public international finance, and human rights law.

These auxiliary programs located in and around the Boyd Law Building enjoy increasing national and international recognition for their specialized research projects and service activities. Several of these resource centers have been very successful in attracting competitive external grants from state, federal, and private foundation sources.

University of Iowa Center for Human Rights

Center for Human Rights

Promoting and protecting human rights at home and abroad
Global Wealth Management University of Iowa College of Law

Global Wealth Management

Facilitating leading-edge research and informed discussion on the global law and practice of private wealth management and transmission
Iowa Law Innovation, Business, and Law Center

Innovation, Business & Law Center

Uniting students, academics and practitioners in IP, antitrust, and corporate law
Law, Health Policy, and Disability Center at Iowa Law

Law, Health Policy, and Disability Center

Focusing on improving the quality of life for persons living with disabilities
Iowa Law Labor Centewr

Labor Center

Building the labor movement through education
National Health Law and Policy Resource Center at Iowa Law

National Health Law and Policy Resource Center

Promoting laws and public policies that foster and facilitate accessible, affordable and quality health services
Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center

Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center

Delivering high-quality direct services, education, and research to support current and future nonprofit leaders