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Get to know… Emmanuel Pierce, 3L

Emmanuel Pierce, 3L
Taylor, Michigan

Emmanuel Pierce knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a lawyer one day.

“I knew I wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer since I was 7,” Pierce says. “I have constantly been on my journey to accomplish that goal ever since.”

Pierce says his experience at the University of Iowa College of Law has been “fantastic” and one that has shaped him not just as a future lawyer, but as a person. He says that he has not only learned how to navigate the law, but how to interact with clients and other people.

Of all of the classes he’s taken thus far, Pierce says Criminal Law has been his favorite.

“It was not just about reading the material, it included some actual application,” he says.

Pierce says that Associate Dean Emily Hughes has been his most influential instructor. He has worked with Hughes as a research assistant.

“She is constantly helpful and does everything she can to make sure you succeed in whatever you want to do beyond Law School,” he says.

While Criminal Law has been his favorite course, Pierce hopes to pursue a career in sports law after graduation. This past summer, he was the legal intern for the Minnesota Vikings. He had a previous internship with the Johnson County Public Defender’s Office.

During his time at Iowa, Pierce has been a member of the Black Law Student Association and treasurer for Iowa State Bar Association.

Studying law at Iowa has taught Pierce to be, “comfortable in the gray area,” he says.

“Law, much like life, doesn’t always have a right or wrong answer,” Pierce says. “You have to be comfortable the answer, ‘I don’t know,’ and putting your best foot forward to contextualize things the best way you can.”

Pierce says graduating from Iowa Law will be his greatest accomplishment and he hopes to work as an associate general attorney for a professional sports team in the future. However, that’s not the only thing on his plate for after graduation.

“I have been waiting to finish law school so I can finally get married,” he says. “Now that I am so close to that, it’s very exciting.”

Emmanuel Piece