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Get to know…Behroz Abgoon, 3L

Behroz Abgoon, 3L
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Behroz Abgoon’s interest in a legal career began when he was just in high school. The Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, native says he can remember watching “countless” legal dramas with his father. A chance to serve on a jury panel as a senior solidified that interest, he says.

“I wanted to solve problems for others and create positive change in our legal system while advocating for something I believed in,” Abgoon says.

Abgoon has enjoyed an array of activities inside and out of the classroom during his time at Iowa Law. In addition to being a student ambassador for the admissions office, Abgoon participates in the Citizen Lawyer Program, is a peer advisor for career services, and is a research assistant for professor Bram Elias. During the summer of 2017, Abgoon was a student attorney at the Michigan Innocence Project. This past summer, he focused on family law at the firm of Bray & Klockau, P.L.C. in Iowa City.

Abgoon was also a judicial extern for Federal Magistrate Judge Stephen B. Jackson, Jr.

“Iowa Law has provided me with a judicial externship, citizen lawyer program, a student ambassador, peer advisor and research assistant positions, as well as multiple relationships with professors and students,” he says. “These experiences have all shaped me and have prepared me to be an effective counselor and litigator.”

With an interest in practicing family law, immigration law or civil litigation, Abgoon says his favorite Iowa Law class has been criminal procedure investigations, which gives students insights into want police officers can and cannot do to citizens.

“It basically taught us our street rights and it was extremely practical and exciting,” he says.

Generally speaking, Abgoon says that Iowa Law has been engaging, but with a laidback atmosphere. He praises the friendly support from his instructors and peers and the countless professional opportunities afforded to him.

As for his advice to fellow students, Abgoon suggests forging your own path.

“Don’t follow or listen to what other students are saying or doing,” he says. “Everyone learns and functions differently in academic settings. One must prioritize their time and focus on themselves and their academics without worrying about others.”

He adds, “always allocate time to take care of yourself in a healthy and consistent way.”

Behroz Abgoon