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Get to know…Casey Sievert, 2L

Casey Sievert, 2L
Estherville, Iowa

The class that ultimately led Casey Sievert to the University of Iowa College of Law almost never happened.

As an undergraduate student at Iowa State University, Sievert signed up for a course titled, “Communication in the Legal System,” thinking it might be a class about legal terms and processes. Instead, she learned on the first day that the class involved public speaking, giving opening statements and closing arguments and learning how to direct and cross-examine witnesses. The final for the course was a mock trial.

“To be honest, I was so nervous that I contemplated dropping the course the very next day,” she says. “But, I stuck it out and it ended up being one of my favorite classes in undergrad.”

Spurred by that experience and a desire to further her education after her undergraduate studies, Sievert decided to continue her academic career at the University of Iowa College of Law.

“I decided that law was a topic I always found interesting in class and I thought I would enjoy learning about it every day,” she says.

Sievert says she only spoke to one law student before attending the University of Iowa and admits to having “no idea what to expect,” at Iowa Law. But, she says she has been impressed with the camaraderie among the student body.

“I think Iowa Law is unique because there is a sense of unity between all of the students,” she says. “We are all there to help and encourage each other.”

Sievert adds that her professors at Iowa have enriched her learning experience, as well. She cites her professors’ ability to engage with their students.

“I can truly say that I have enjoyed all of my professors at Iowa Law,” Sievert says. “Everyone has a unique teaching approach, but they are all here to help you succeed.”

In addition to her studies, Sievert volunteers at the Equal Justice Foundation Bookstore and has enrolled in appellate advocacy. She also hopes to volunteer at the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. This summer, she worked at RSH Legal in Cedar Rapids. Sievert says she enjoys the balance between her academic career and outside interests that Iowa Law affords her.

“I’ve learned how to manage my time and be efficient with my studying,’ she says. “I’m a big advocate for having a life during law school. I feel like you have to continue to make time for the things and people you love, even if you are really busy with your reading, studying and extracurriculars.”

Sievert says she is most looking forward to working in the Iowa Law clinic or out in the community as she continues her studies.

“I feel like the best way to learn is to be practicing in real cases,” she says.

Casey Sievert