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Get to know…Todd Skauge, 3L

Todd Skauge, 3L
Underwood, Minnesota

When Todd Skauge was considering his future while attending Macalester College, he knew he wanted to make a difference.

“I wanted to make a more substantial and measurable impact on my community,” Skauge said. “After researching and speaking with lawyers, I felt law school was the right path to be able to eventually make that impact.”

Now in his third year at the University of Iowa College of Law, Skauge says he made the right decision. He says he’s “thoroughly enjoyed” his time at Iowa Law, particularly his interactions with fellow students.

“I think what makes the school unique is the overall attitude of the student body,” he says. “Everyone looks out for one another and wants to see one another succeed.”

Skauge praises the faculty, as well, particularly Emily Hughes and Paul Gowder, who he says have positive attitudes and an “obvious love for their work.”

Skauge’s studies took him to Pristina, Kosovo last summer for an externship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, Skauge assisted with drafting and revising various international treaties and agreements.

“I was extremely excited to work in Kosovo last summer,” he says. “It was an honor to play a role in a budding democracy.”

The best advice Skauge offers to his peers is to seek advice from a variety of sources, not just professors and other professionals, but fellow students, as well. He says it’s still too early to determine where his law school education will take him next.

“I have an open mind and will take the best opportunity that comes my way,” he says.

Todd Skauge