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Get to know … Anthony Dopp, 3L

Anthony Dopp, 3L
Edwardsburg, Michigan

Anthony Dopp’s journey to the University of Iowa College of Law started with a chance encounter at a Law School Admission Council conference several years ago.

Fresh off his first year at Grand Valley State University, Dopp was at the LSAC conference when he bumped into Collins Byrd, Dean of Admissions at Iowa Law.

“We spoke for about 10 minutes and I felt like he made a pretty compelling case for why I should come to Iowa,” Dopp says. “After meeting with roughly 50 representatives from different law schools, I remember being really impressed with Iowa.”

While that conference cemented Dopp’s choice to apply to and attend the University of Iowa College of Law, he says his interest in the legal field began when he was 12 or 13 years old.

“The idea was always an intriguing one for me because I felt like it would give me the means to really serve others in a way that others simply couldn’t,” he says. “Despite my minimal exposure to law, I still know how great it is to feel like you’re empowering someone at their low point and giving them the means to navigate the rigid language of law. That feeling, along with my interest in policy-making and civil rights, made me feel like law school was a natural fit for me.”

Dopp says he thinks the student body at Iowa Law sets it apart from other law schools. He and his fellow students vent with each other about school work, support each other when the subject matter gets difficult and understand the unique challenges of law school.

“They understand how hard this life can be sometimes because they’re going through it with you,” he says. “When I look back on my time here at Iowa Law, the friends that I’ve made here and what we managed to accomplish together are going to be at the forefront of my mind.”

The Iowa Law faculty have helped Dopp during his academic career, as well, he says. He describes his professors as committed to helping their students succeed.

In addition to serving as a Student Ambassador, Dopp will work in the Clinical Law Program in the Fall. He spent his 1L summer working with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission in Des Moines. Dopp will be working in Smith, Mills, & Schrock which specializes in Worker's Comp defense for his 2L summer. He credits career services with helping him to prepare for job interviews.

“I had a lot of anxiety when it came to interviews,” he says. “The people in career services really helped me get past this by conducting mock interview after mock interview. By the time I actually had an interview, I felt that I had rehearsed for it so many times that I hardly felt any nerves.”

After graduation, Dopp hopes to secure a position in either Iowa or Michigan to work in employment law, civil rights law, and government compliance. 

Anthony Dopp