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Get to Know … Justin McCorvey, 3L

Justin McCorvey, 3L
Birmingham, Alabama

Justin McCorvey’s passion for law was inspired by people close to him.

McCorvey’s cousin was a practicing attorney with the federal government for close to 40 years. His godfather is the Presiding Municipal Judge in McCorvey’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. The examples they set made McCorvey want to be “a change agent in society,” he says.

“I knew that I wanted to attend law school after my sophomore year in college when I had the opportunity to intern at a local law firm in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama,” he says.

Since coming to the University of Iowa College of Law from Florida A&M University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration, McCorvey has stayed busy both within and outside of the classroom. His extracurricular activities have included serving as the diversity chair for the Iowa Student Bar Association and president of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International. McCorvey has interned at Purple Strategies, a strategy firm, while working under their general counsel and at the Legal Studies Institute with The Fund For American Studies.

“My time at Iowa has been very fulfilling,” he says. “The opportunities that law school has awarded me have been exceptional. I am very appreciative of the alumni network and the willingness of the faculty and staff to help you navigate the treacherous waters of law school.”

Of all of his Iowa professors, McCorvey says Professor Christina Bohannan has shaped him the most and served as one of his mentors.

“Since our first interaction in Torts class, she has continued to show her passion for teaching and her day-to-day duties as a committee member for the University,” he says. “There has never been a time when I needed her help with anything from recommendation letters to law school advice and she was not willing and able to assist me.”

In addition to Bohannan, McCorvey says his academic advisor, Professor Caroline Sheerin, has ensured that he gains the necessary tools to be successful throughout his time at Iowa Law and after graduation. He says he would like to clerk for a federal judge before going on to work at a large firm in their political law division or as legal counsel for a government agency.

“I look forward to joining the ranks of the Iowa Law alumni network and continuing to be an advocate for the school that has awarded me with so many great experiences,” he says.

Justin McCorvey