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Get to Know... Agnieszka Gaertner, 2L

Agnieszka Gaertner, 2L

Warsaw, Poland


Agnieszka Gaertner was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland and has imagined herself as a lawyer since she was a young child. 

"I didn’t really know what this job was like, but I liked how they portrayed it in movies. At an early age, I started to advocate for myself and for others which my parents and teachers disliked."

Before she entered law school, Agnieszka interned at two law firms specializing in criminal and divorce law. She also volunteered in a legal clinic where she worked with individuals suffering from drug addictions. During her further studies, she became interested in securities law and she successfully landed a position as an intern at FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in Chicago, Illinois during her 1L summer. 

With a year of law school now under her belt, Agnieszka has been most surprised with the faculty and staff at the College of Law. 

"I was positively surprised at how dedicated and supportive the faculty and the professional staff are. They all strive to help us succeed. However, you should remember that no one will help your career more than you will," she adds. 

After law school, Agnieszka hopes to continue practicing law. She is passionate about having a career that goes beyond the mundanity of a paycheck and truly satisfies her desire to work in the legal field. 

"Whatever I’m doing years from now, I just want to be successful at it. I want to develop expertise in a certain field of law and fully apply myself to my professional work. I want to treat my job as a passion rather than a means of living."

Agnieszka says that the best part of law school has been the relationships she has built along the way. When she isn't focused on school, she enjoys traveling and exercising to clear her mind and boost her endorphins. While she wished that she had more time for fun during the academic year, she advises new students that relationship building is an incredibly important aspect of law school. 

"The best advice I’ve received- and I can’t stress enough how important it is- is to always treat others with respect and kindness. Even though law school is competitive, being friendly and helpful to others is the single most important factor in achieving success. "