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Get to Know ... Brooke Noack, 2L

Brooke E. Noack, 2L

Cedar Rapids, IA

Brooke Noack first felt drawn to a legal career while studying Public Relations during her undergraduate degree. She coupled her skills in reading, writing, analysis, and communication with a minor in American Indian Studies in an effort to advocate “for those who may not always have a large voice in our society.”

Brooke began her 1L year in August of 2018 and has since become quickly involved in the culture and many organizations available on campus. Her favorite memories from this year include attending the Barrister’s Ball during the Spring semester.

“It was so fun to dress up and spend a relaxing evening with my wonderful law school friends!”

She also helped coordinate the Organization of Women Law Students and Staff (OWLSS) fundraising event “Baskets to Battle Breast Cancer.” The proceeds of this event were donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

With one year of law school now under her belt, Brooke says that her favorite part is “learning new information from my intelligent professors and peers.” While initially intimidated by the Socratic Method, she now values the technique as a way to learn information and gain confidence in her skills in the classroom. Collaboration and relationship-building has been a critical piece of advice which Brooke has taken with her throughout the year.

“Although law school is competitive, you can be kind and selfless and still succeed in your classes and future career. It is so important to study hard and do well in your courses, but it is equally important to develop strong friendships with your peers.”

Prior to studying at Iowa Law, Brooke worked as a Public Relations Intern at the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics. This summer she will be an associate for RSH Legal Law Firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and feels that “it is a privilege to spend my summer at such a reputable and successful firm.” She hopes to remain in Iowa as she continues to pursue her legal career, and she would like to serve as General Counsel for the University of Iowa.

“I love school, so it would be an honor to represent an educational institution.”