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Get to Know ... Elizabeth Shaw, 2L

Elizabeth N. Shaw, 2L

Osage, IA

Elizabeth Shaw knew that she wanted to become an advocate for others after her parent’s divorce. “I remember not knowing what was going on or why I had to be the one who ‘decided’ which parent I was going to live with.” Her experience with the legal system at an early stage in life inspired Elizabeth to pursue a law degree in order to help others understand their options and the impacts of the law.

Prior to law school, Elizabeth interned at the Howard County Attorney’s Office and the University of Iowa Athletics Office in the Compliance Department. She used the professional experience of these positions to tackle the challenge of law school by treating it like a full-time job.

“The best piece of advice I have received about law school is to not let law school consume your whole life. I have a lot of friends who are not in law school and they are great to hang out with when I want to get away from the law school.”

Elizabeth says that her favorite memory from law school thus far is the Equal Justice Foundation Auction held in the Fall. This auction raises money for scholarships for Iowa Law students who hold public interest internships. This was the first event Elizabeth attended as a 1L and she remembers that “it was fun to join a group of students to bid on a bigger item.”

Elizabeth learned to rely on her peers and her professors for support through the sometimes challenging course material. “I have found that study groups are the best way to get a grasp on each concept because there are other people to bounce questions/ideas off of. The material is new and difficult but everyone is in the same boat!” She also uses this collaboration to help prep for exams by discussing the concepts of the exam with her peers. 

“Every single person I have talked to at Iowa Law is willing to form a study group or answer a question that I had.”

This past summer Elizabeth was a clerk for Whitfield & Eddy P.L.C. in Des Moines, Iowa. This coming summer she will be a clerk for both Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen P.C. and Whitfield & Eddy P.L.C. in Des Moines. She hopes to continue her legal career in Iowa and work at a private firm.