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Get to know ... Emani Marshall-Loving, 2L

Emani Marshall-Loving

Omaha, NE


Emani Marshall-Loving knew she was interested in practicing law because she knew that she wanted to help people. Prior to entering law school, Emani worked at a library and was involved in various political internships. Her experiences taught her that she wanted to solve complex legal problems in law school and beyond. 

Emani quickly found that law school proved to be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. The difficulty of her coursework and schedule proved to be tough to manage, but she eventually learned to balance and prioritize her education and personal life. 

"The most challenging part is figuring out when to put the books down or to stop writing, but with time you learn what study routine works best for you" she says. 

When she is not focused on her studies, Emani enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Building relationships with her peers was some of the best advice she received upon entering law school. Emani sees the College of Law as a community and support system. 

"I was surprised by how kind everyone is. You hear horror stories about law school, but it is not like that at Iowa. Everyone truly looks out for one another and is supportive."

Emani also likes to travel and unwind by watching Netflix. When she thinks back on the advice she was given before going to law school, Emani recalls the difficulty of finding a balance. 

"I wish I would have been told to enjoy it more. Yes, it’s school, but there are many ways to make it a fun enjoyable experience."

During her 1L summer, Emani is working as an associate for the Minneapolis office of Fredrikson & Byron. She hopes to be working at a well-respected firm after graduation practicing law in an area that she enjoys.