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Get to Know ... John Steger, 2L

John Steger, 2L

Clinton, IA

John Steger has been observing attorneys his entire life. Growing up in an apartment above his mother and grandfather's shared practice, John from an early age became attuned to an atmosphere of collaboration and dedication to one's work. 

"I got to grow up seeing how much they both enjoy, and how much fulfillment they get, out of their work."

John took this mindset into his prior internships as an LSAT prep instructor for Kaplan Inc. and as a legislative clerk at the Iowa State Capital. Having completed his first year of law school, he is spending his 1L summer interning with Judge Adams, the Chief Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Iowa. 

During his time at Iowa Law, John felt most challenged by the rigorous coursework introduced in his first year. He noted that the homework, exams, and lectures proved to be very different from what he had experienced during his undergraduate studies. The best advice he received to get through this time was to rely on his peers. 

"Your classmates are going to be future attorneys, judges, and politicians. It's important to forge good relationships with them now, both for sanity during law school (you’re going to want people to do things with outside of classes/studying) but also for professional networking purposes after law school."

John hopes to practice law in congruence with his interest in technology (perhaps patent law). He enjoys the performing arts and spends his time away from school attending concerts at Hancher Auditorium and smaller, local venues. John is a Student Ambassador and is committed to serving the students, faculty, and alumni of Iowa Law.

"There’s something nice about being part of a community of people who are all going through the exact same thing. Even though law school can be very difficult at times it’s comforting to know that everyone around you is going through the same challenges, and that you’ll all be closer to one another on the other side of them."