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Get to know ... Lauren Pittman, 2L

Lauren Pittman, 2L

Clinton, IA


Before entering law school, Lauren Pittman interned at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. It was from that internship that she discovered her desire to study law. 

"I learned how much I enjoyed the legal field. I found that studying law was a very challenging, yet rewarding task and I realized that I could use my legal skills to help those around me," she says. 

During the fall semester, Lauren was involved in the Iowa Law Supreme Court Day. On that day, the Iowa Supreme Court justices come to the law school to listen to public and student oral arguments. It was a highlight of Lauren's academic career thus far and she is thankful for the opportunity to attend such programs.

"I really loved participating in Supreme Court Day. It was an amazing experience and many people don't receive that opportunity."

With a year of school now under her belt, Lauren was most surprised about the amount of reading she would be required to do for class. 

"I thought that we would have a lot of pages to read each night. I discovered that the number of pages we read was not as high as I expected, but a large amount of time is consumed reading relatively few pages carefully because of the difficulty of the text."

Lauren is spending her 1L summer as an intern at the Office of the Attorney General for Iowa. When she is not focused on school and work, she enjoys exploring the restaurant scene with her friends and participating in intramural sports. The best piece of advice she received about law school was the importance of taking a break to do something she enjoyed outside of homework and studying. 

"Do not stress over the amount of time that other people spend studying or over those that seem like they have everything together. Everyone is in a new situation and study patterns vary from one person to another. You are not any worse off because you haven’t spent quite as many hours in the library or haven’t studied the way someone else has. Everyone is different and you will be successful if you focus on what works best for you."