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Get to know... Mackensie Graham, 2L

Mackensie Graham, 2L

Cedar Falls, IA


Prior to entering law school, Mackensie Graham held various positions before settling on a legal career. She was a Social Media Specialist for Men's Wearhouse, a Global PR & Marketing Associate for InMobi, and a Digital Marketing Specialist for the YMCA of Greater Des Moines. She also built a freelance portfolio as a journalist, editor, and copywriter. While she was pursuing her master's degree in public policy, Mackensie worked as a legal assistant at the Gordon Fischer Law Firm. 

"I decided to go to law school while finishing my master's degree in public policy because I wanted to delve much deeper into the legal aspects of what I was learning. I also decided the legal field was a good investment as a long-term career and one where I could regularly build on and apply my professional skills," she said. 

Mackensie enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships within the College of Law. "The chance to get to know so many different people from all across the country pursuing the same goal" is one of her favorite aspects of law school. When she isn't focused on her studies, Mackensie enjoys traveling with her husband, cooking, baking, running, and exploring Iowa City. She also enjoys attending social events through the college such as the Barristers' Ball and the Equal Justice Foundation Auction. 

What most surprised Mackensie about going to law school was interacting with her professors. "The professors are a lot less terrifying than I imagined them to be! Also, most are really willing to talk/work with you outside of class if you have questions or need career advice," she noted. The challenge for Mackensie proved to be managing time between school, personal life and having some semblance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

After she graduates law school, Mackensie hopes to grow her practice at a private firm and continue to be actively involved with her community through volunteering and teaching yoga. 

"I think the advice I would give to anyone entering law school is to take advantage of all the opportunities that interest you over the course of these years. Don't be afraid to go for something even if it scares you a bit. Three years is a short time in the big picture and this is such a fantastic moment to figure out what you like and what you want to dedicate your time and energy to. It's also a great time to make mistakes and learn from them! Also, I highly recommend participating in student organizations as it's a rewarding way to meet people on a different, deeper level than just in class."