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Get to Know...Eric Dirth

Eric Dirth
Eric Dirth, 2L
Burlington, Iowa

For second-year student Eric Dirth, it all dates back to the sixth grade.

He was the prosecuting attorney in a class mock trial.  And, though he lost the case (he claims it was a hung jury), he says his experience in such an exciting atmosphere sparked his interest in a career focused on dispute resolution.

“At a young age, I realized how much I value the communication and analytical thinking skills cultivated throughout a legal career. I also recognized and appreciated the opportunities for lawyers to make a positive impact in their communities,” Dirth says.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in communication management, Dirth began a master’s program in communication and environmental advocacy at James Madison University. And, though he initially intended to enter a doctorate program to teach, he had a change of heart after his first year, and felt called to use his skills for community advocacy.

“I determined a legal education would better allow me to continue my growth and hone my skill set while actively engaging at a local level.  I also would have more opportunities to represent local interests and work on resolving polarized conflict,” Dirth says.

Now a student at Iowa Law, Dirth is a student ambassador, member of the Citizen Lawyer Program, the Federalist Society, and the Christian Legal Society and the American Bar Association. He spent his summer as an extern for the Iowa Court of Appeals with Judge Tabor, and is looking forward to working as a research assistant for the Legal Writing Center at Iowa Law this fall.

Dirth says he’s excited to stay in touch with his classmates as they begin their careers post-graduation. He intends to specialize in environmental and criminal law after completing his studies in May 2018.