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Get to Know...J.D. Hernandez

J.D. HernandezJ.D. Hernandez, 2L
Los Angeles, California

For J.D. Hernandez, it happened on the second day of an undergraduate judicial internship.

He witnessed a cross and direct examination of a witness, and could see himself in either attorney’s shoes.  

“I enjoyed taking business law in my undergraduate career and when I took an undergraduate judicial internship I was lucky to spend lots of time in the court room and in different Judges’ chambers,” says Hernandez. “I felt that having the chance to receive a legal education was an opportunity that would allow me to develop necessary tools to help people in unfavorable situations or to provide advice that would help people become more successful.”

Now a student at Iowa Law, Hernandez served as an intake specialist for the Innocence Project. He spent his summer working as an extern for Legal Services of Greater Miami, and says he’s looking forward to practicing law in areas that interest him which include employment, entertainment, and international law.

Though he hasn’t settled on a specialization yet, Hernandez says he hopes to specialize in a field that will allow him to help people better their lives after earning his J.D. in May 2018.

In the meantime though, he says he’s grown to appreciate his classmates’ kindness, intellect and work ethic. He also enjoys the community because of how friendly people are and enjoys exploring the hidden gems that Iowa City and nearby cities have to offer.

“One of my favorite things about Iowa Law has always been how ‘iron sharpens iron’,” Hernandez says. “In undergrad, most of us were used to being the stars of the show but being surrounded by many intelligent and capable students forces us to grow beyond what we think we’re capable of achieving.”