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Guardianship and Conservator Reform Task Force Submits Final Report to Iowa Supreme Court

In January of 2015 the Iowa Supreme Court established the Guardianship and Conservatorship Reform Task Force to develop recommendations for “effective and efficient guardianship and conservatorship laws, practices and procedures." Over 70 individuals served as members of the Task Force. These individuals represented all of the major  stakeholders in the guardianship and conservatorship system (the bench, the bar, guardians and conservators, disability, aging and mental health organizations and advocates, state agencies,  financial institutions, bonding companies and service providers).

The University of Iowa College of Law furnished support for the Task Force. Josephine Gittler, Wiley B. Rutledge Professor of Law served as a member of the Task Force Steering Committee and as Task Force Coordinator and Reporter.

For more than two years, the Reform Task Force sought ways to reform a flawed system upon which over 22,000 Iowans rely. In August of 2017, the Task Force submitted its Final Report (PDF iconTask Force Report (full report))to the Iowa Supreme Court. It contain 232 recommendations dealing with all aspects of the guardianship and conservatorship system including: the establishment of adult and minor guardianships and conservatorships, qualifications and duties of guardians and conservators, court monitoring of guradianships and conservatorship systems, and administration of the guardianship and conservatorship system.