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Costs and Financial Aid

Costs and Research Assistant Positions

Tuition costs and costs of living at Iowa are significantly lower than at peer institutions.  Tuition at the University of Iowa College of Law is based on Iowa residency.  Please see this chart (and click on "International" if appropriate) for more information.  In addition to listing tuition and fees, the costs on the cart include an estimate of living expenses for twelve months.  The total indicated on that document is the amount of support from all sources that foreign students will need to show in order to obtain a student visa. It is reasonable to expect these amounts to increase somewhat each year.

Note that the tuition charts show that tuition costs are lowered to the resident rate for all students employed as quarter-time research assistants (150 hours per semester).  Research Assistant positions are one of the main forms of financial aid Iowa Law provides. In addition to the lower tuition, research assistants also earn modest wages and enjoy reduced rates on health insurance.  Students can take advantage of this opportunity beginning in their second semester in the program.  Please note that research assistant positions are competitive and not guaranteed.

Note about Federal Aid

Under current federal regulations, only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for federal student loans.  Applicants who are not eligible for federal student loans may qualify for private loan programs.