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Iowa Law Professor Len Sandler and Law and Policy In Action Clinic law students develop report on the Trans experience in Iowa

Len Sandler, clinical professor of law, and a team of law students in the Rainbow Health Legal Clinic, recently completed a report that examines and provides a legal, cultural, and historical context about discrimination that transgender individuals have experienced both in Iowa and across the country.

Working with clinic law students George Fitting, Derek Tran, Bradyn Fairclough, Jeff Brunelle, and Tom Wisniewski, Sandler conducted a literature review, analyzed national and local surveys, statistics, reports, media accounts and scholarly articles, and interviewed advocates and experts. The group also worked with local, state, and national organizations that support transgender rights and conduct research on the topic to prepare the report. Clinic Secretary Mishelle Eckland assisted with formatting, as well as logistics.

The hope, Sandler says, is that this information will begin to help those across Iowa begin to understand the transgender experience, and that, as humans, we’re all more similar than we may initially perceive.

“Even though the statistics and vignettes in this report are sobering, I want people to be hopeful,” Sandler says. “This report will be a valuable tool that can be used by individuals, organizations and institutions to advocate for fair and just treatment for transgender people across the state.”

For the complete report, see PDF iconWhere Do I Fit In -- A Snapshot of Transgender Discrimination.

See also PDF iconIowa Guide to Changing Legal Identity Documents (added to this page on February 6, 2017).

Leonard A. Sandler