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Iowa Law students travel to Moscow as part of Comparative Law Seminar

Iowa Law Professor John Reitz and ten students from his spring comparative law seminar are in Moscow this week.

The trip — which was made possible by a grant from the U.S. State Department’s Peer-to-Peer Dialogues program administered by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow — will allow Iowa Law students to study alongside Russian students in a comparative law class taught by former Iowa Law faculty member Professor Alexander Domrin at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

Throughout the semester, Reitz’s comparative law students have been paired up with a set of students at the Higher School of Economics to work collaboratively on papers that compare U.S. law to Russian law on a variety of legal topics. Though the students have made some attempts to communicate with digital technology throughout the first half of the course, this trip will allow the students to work alongside one another.

“It’s very unique. This seminar is practical comparative law,” Reitz says of the opportunity. “This is comparative law the way it’s done in law firms, in government offices, in agencies throughout the world. Students are going to be forced to make real decisions about what are the similarities and differences, and how to understand them.”

Ten students from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow are also scheduled to visit Iowa Law this semester. Domrin and ten of his students are scheduled to visit Iowa April 4-9.

Keep an eye out for photos from the trip on the Iowa Law School Twitter and Facebook pages.


Student in Moscow