University of Iowa
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Jasmyn Harrington ( Class of 2014)

Hometown: Waterloo, IA

What did you come to law school to become:

A civil rights attorney

Current employer:

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Silver Spring, MD

Job title:

College and Prevention Policy Attorney

Previous positions:

Staff Attorney at The Homeless Persons Representation Project

Tenant's Rights Organizer at Housing Counseling Services

What is your pinnacle career goal:

To be a law school professor

Description of what you do:

I provide trainings and expertise related to college sexual assault across the state of Maryland. I am also responsible for advocating for new laws that are victim-centered and fair.

Your favorite part of your job:

 Training professionals on the law. It is good to know that I am providing very necessary information to help keep students safe on campus.

Your interests outside of work:



Going to the gym

What is your favorite movie:


What do you wish your 1L/2L/3L self knew about the job search:

Do not get stressed about finding a job to the point that you take any job that is offered. Really sit down and think about your interests and tailor your job search to those. You are sure to be a lot happier if you do it this way.

What advice do you have for success in summer positions:

Learn everything you can!