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Kapri Saunders ( Class of 2011)

Hometown: Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Undergraduate school and major: Northern Arizona University, Modern Languages: French and Spanish

What did you come to law school to become:

I came to law school knowing I wanted to use my law degree to help people, but I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to become.

Your favorite Iowa Law memory:

I. Cannot. Pick. One. From a lunch with a 2L in the beginning of my 1L year were he correctly foreshadowed that "Iowa will exceed [my] expectations," to Labor Day weekend at Adventureland, to various classmates' weddings, to extra-/co-curricular activitie

Current employer:

Jones Day


San Francisco

Job title:


Previous positions:

Law Clerk to the Honorable Ann Claire Williams (Ret.), United States Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit;

Law Clerk to Chief Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Description of what you do:

I am a litigator who represents private and public companies, as well as business professionals, in complex civil litigation, government investigations, and in white-collar  criminal cases. My practice also includes appellate litigation.

Your interests outside of work:

Listen for a Change (Social Justice Storytelling), Woodworking, DIY projects, Traveling, and Volunteering.

What advice do you have for success in summer positions:

They have selected you because they already think you are awesome.  Just go be awesome!  (You are likely the only one who is doubting your skills.)