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Kush Govani ( Class of 2015)

Hometown: Carmel, IN

Undergraduate school and major: Vanderbilt University-Political Science

What did you come to law school to become:

Public Defender

Your favorite Iowa Law memory:

The cookouts before Hawkeye football games!

Current employer:

Arizona Court of Appeals


Phoenix, AZ

Job title:

Staff Attorney

Previous positions:

Deputy Public Defender in Maricopa County

What is your pinnacle career goal:

Becoming a judge

Description of what you do:

I draft appellate decisions and opinions on criminal legal issues. I also advise the judges on how they should decide cases.

Your favorite part of your job:

Getting to interact closely with appellate judges and seeing their thought processes.

Your interests outside of work:

Cooking, basketball, getting involved in the Phoenix legal community

What is your favorite movie:

The Godfather