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London: Calendar and Course Descriptions

Program Calendar

  • April 15, 2018:  Online application opens
  • October 1:  Program fee due
  • October - November:  Pre-departure orientation and initial class meetings
  • December 28:  Students check in to London housing and orientation (1:00 to 4:00 pm)
  • December 31:  First day of classes
  • January 1, 2019:  UK Bank Holiday (no classes meet, group brunch in Chinatown)
  • January 2 - 4:  Class meetings and London visits
  • Saturday, January 5:  Oxford symposium
  • January 7 - 9:  Class meetings and London visits
  • January 9 (afternoon):  Final exams
  • January 10:  Students check out of housing (10:00 am)

Course Descriptions

British Legal System (2 cr. hrs.), Professor Stella Elias

This course provides an overview of the British legal system with a strong comparative focus, including visits to the Inns of Court, the United Kingdom Supreme Court, Royal Courts of Justice, Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), and the Houses of Parliament. Topics will include criminal law, procedure and punishment, civil justice reforms and the structure of the legal profession, human rights and Britain's evolving relationship with the European Union. Please note that this course will begin with several class sessions held in Iowa during the Fall semester. Students will be graded based on class participation, short papers, and a final exam. Enrollment is limited to 30 students.

Comparative Corporate Governance (2 cr. hrs.), Randy J. Holland

Today's global economy has resulted in a proliferation of multi-national corporations. Frequently, the parent corporation is governed by the law of one country and one or more subsidiaries are governed by the laws of other countries. This course will make a comparative assessment of the advantages and disadvantages to incorporating in a particular country, focusing on corporations considering mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures with corporations outside of their own jurisdiction and considering the reasons why a corporation might form a subsidiary under the law of another jurisdiction. There is no prerequisite, but the course in Business Associations is highly recommended. Grades will be based on a final examination. Enrollment is limited to 30 students.

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