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London: Spring Intersession

Comparative Corporate Governance Law

LLC March Intersession Course

Justice Holland

Law students interested in a one-week study abroad opportunity may enroll in Comparative Corporate Governance Law, which will be offered from March 16 to 20, 2015. Regular semester LLC students may also enroll in this class.

Today’s global economy has resulted in a proliferation of multi-national corporations.  Frequently, the parent corporation is governed by the law of one country and one or more subsidiaries are governed by the law of other countries.  This course will make a comparative assessment of the advantages and disadvantages to incorporating in a particular country.  It will focus on corporations considering mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures with corporations outside of their own jurisdiction and on the  reasons why a corporation may decide to form a subsidiary under the law of another jurisdiction.  For those comparative purposes, the law of Delaware will be used as the United States model.  There is no prerequisite for this course.  The applicable Delaware law will be examined with regard to each topic before any comparative analysis is made.  There will be a take home final given at the end of the course.

For students who are not enrolled in the 2015 LLC semester program, the fee for the one-week intersession is $2700, including housing in London near the FSU Study Centre from Sunday March 15 to Saturday March 21, 2015.


  • If you are applying for the 2015 LLC Spring Semester Program, please include the intersession course in your course selection. There is an additional fee of $750 for this course, due on November 20 with the first installment of your program fee.
  • If you are ONLY applying to the intersession course, and not enrolling in the 2015 LLC Spring Semester Program, please use the online application form and simply check the intersession course when directed to choose your courses. This is a limited enrollment course and priority will be given to students enrolled in the spring semester program.  A non-refundable application fee of $100 is due when you apply.  The course fee is $2700 for students who are not enrolled in the 2015 LLC Spring Semester Program.  Housing is included in your fee. Payment for this course is due November 20, 2014, and will be accepted on-line or by mail.
  • Please see the 2015 Program Fees and Budget page for complete course fee and budget information, and payment links.


Should there be insufficient enrollment, the course will be cancelled. A decision will be made based on the enrollment in mid-fall. In the event of cancellation, students will be refunded any application and/or fees paid for the intersession course.

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