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Costs and Financial Aid

Costs and Research Assistant Positions

Tuition costs and costs of living at Iowa are significantly lower than at peer institutions, please see this chart (and click on "International," if appropriate) for more information.  In addition to listing tuition and fees, the costs on the chart include an estimate of living expenses for twelve months.  The total indicated on the chart is the amount of support from all sources that foreign students will need to show to obtain a student visa.  It is reasonable to expect tuition and fees amounts to increase somewhat each year. 

Note that the tuition charts show a reduced rate for LLM students employed as quarter-time research assistants (150 hours per semester).  Research Assistant positions are one of the main forms of financial aid Iowa Law provides for the LLM program.  In addition to the lowered tuition, research assistants earn modest wages and enjoy reduced rates on health insurance.  To apply for research assistantships, indicate on your LLM application that you wish to be considered for financial aid, and make sure to fill out the application form entitled, "Financial Statement for International Students."  The director of the LLM program will notify you if you are granted an RA position through the application process, and will make sure that you have an appropriate RA position.

Other Financial Aid

Under current federal regulations, only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for federal student loans.  Applicants who are not eligible for federal student loans may qualify for private loan programs or grants for non-citizens.

Some partial tuition scholarships are available to LLM students.  Students who indicate on their application that they wish to be considered for financial aid and fill out the "Financial Statement for International Students" form included with the application will be automatically considered for a scholarship.

We encourage students to look aggressively for funding outside the University of Iowa. International students should consider applying for such U.S. programs as Fulbright; the Muskie Program for countries of the former Soviet Union; or the Ron Brown Fellowships for Eastern Europe; as well as pursuing funding possibilities within their own countries; with international bodies; and with private foundations like Ford, Soros, Rotary International, the Asia Foundation, and the American Association of University Women. Students whose home universities participate in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) may be able to come under that program without paying more tuition than their home university charges.