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Meet Heather Jackson

The Student Experience: Heather Jackson

  • Iowa law graduate set for career in public defense after hands-on experience, expert mentorship

Heather Jackson

“The Student Experience" showcases University of Iowa students who excel academically—inside and outside the classroom. This is our latest entry in the series.

Heather Jackson has always wanted to be a lawyer.

Ever since joining her middle school mock trial team, the Dubuque, Iowa native has practiced her trade with the hope of earning a law degree that would, one day, help her use her passion for argument to serve Iowans as a public defender. 

"I think lawyers can do a lot of really great social work outside of the courtroom," Jackson says. "You'll find them all over the place working, volunteering their time, and dedicating themselves to their communities—that was one of my biggest motivations for becoming a lawyer. I not only have the desire to work for other people, but I want to have the educational background to be influential when I do it."

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Heather Jackson