Student Organizations

As Muslim student leaders at Iowa Law we are honored to have both the privilege and responsibility of working for a better global society. In MENALSA, we are dedicated to confronting the issues facing Middle Eastern and North African people across all religions and cultures.
Nouha Ezouhri and Gada Al Herz, Co-Presidents of MENALSA
Student Organization Contact
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

Ayako Nakano, President
Solomon Ha, Vice President

Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Aurora Arop, President
Anne Parrish, Vice President
Christian Legal Society (CLS) Seth Balke, President
Jessica Bowes, Vice President 
First Generation Professionals Ryan Daisy, President
Denisha Renovales, Vice President
Hispanic Latino Law Student Association (HLLSA) Brian Ortiz & Heriberto Ponce, Co-Presidents
International Law School Student Association Bryony Whitaker, President
Yutian Lei, Vice President
Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) Yoav Margalit, President
Journal of Gender, Race & Justice (JGRJ) Dakota Wright, EIC
Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association (MENALSA) Nouha Ezouhri & Gada Al Herz, Co-Presidents
Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)  Inactive
Outlaws (LGBTW Organization)

Jonathan Molony & Jacob Bennington, Co-Presidents

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