University of Iowa
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Preparing for Law School

Congratulations on your decision to study law.  You are about to embark on an intellectually transformative endeavor that offers you a lifetime of personal and professional rewards.  In and out of the classroom, you will learn to think, analyze, speak, and write as an effective lawyer—talents that you can bring with you not only to the practice of law, but to a wide range of careers, including in government, business, and the nonprofit sector.  The capacities of an effective attorney are not easily obtained, but you will have them by the time you leave our doors.
A commitment to effective writing—and to the rigorous thinking and thorough research on which effective writing depends—is a hallmark of Iowa Law and its graduates.  We are part of a university internationally renowned for its programs in writing, including the famed Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  At Iowa Law, every student builds a portfolio of written work that he or she can proudly show to prospective employers.
In addition to providing a rigorous legal education grounded in the work of analysis, research, and writing, we also work hard to cultivate certain character traits in our students. These include intellectual curiosity, a healthy skepticism toward received ideas, a desire to do high quality work, intrinsic motivation, an inclination to “take ownership” of a client’s problem, a willingness to assume important service responsibilities in one’s community, and an appetite for challenging tasks.  
We are committed to providing a learning environment that is unyielding in its intellectual demands but that also values friendships, laughter, and all of the good things that life has to offer.  Your classmates will come from across the nation and around the world.  You will join a global alumni network ready to open doors for you.  Your professors will be nationally and internationally known scholars who are committed to preparing the next generation of lawyers and leaders.