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Students - Career Services

Students are the focus of our work. We present and sponsor a variety of programs each semester on topics ranging from the judicial clerkship interview to emotional intelligence for lawyers. Want to know which programs might help you along your career path?

Our office is devoted to supporting you in your search for meaningful employment. Making career decisions and conducting a job search while carrying a full academic load is tough work. But we’re here to help.

Career Counseling

When it comes to career counseling, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Rather, our services are tailor-made, just for you. That’s right, you can drop in or make an appointment and one of our advisors will help you figure out a path that fits your specific needs. We are available throughout your law school career and long after you graduate to help you navigate the world of work opportunities available to students and alumni of Iowa Law.

Professional Development

There is a lot to learn during law school besides the law. We encourage you to:

  • Explore career options and figure out just who you want to be as a lawyer
  • Learn to carry out an efficient and successful job search
  • Assess your strengths and goals
  • Make the most of your study habits and strong work ethic
  • Improve your networking skills
  • Refine your emotional intelligence
  • Make time to take care of your whole self

Want to learn more about being a successful lawyer? Check this out.

Mock Interviews

Have a big interview scheduled? Trying to score a fly-back? Nervous about your first informational interview? A mock interview is probably in order. We tailor our questions to the employer for an authentic interview experience, so sit down, hand over your résumé, and prepare to be questioned.

Job Listings

So you know what you want. Now you need to know where to find it. Thank goodness we have resources! Our office also uses the Symplicity Career Services Management (CSM) System to manage our on-campus interview program, post job listings, and advertise programs. Click on the "jobs/resume collection" tab to get started.

If you have problems with your HawkID or password, contact ITS at 319-384-4357. Other troubles? Contact Career Services at 319-335-9011.

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