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Tommy Wisniewski ( Class of 2017)

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Undergraduate school and major: University of Iowa; Political Science, History, and International Relations

What did you come to law school to become: A difference maker.

Your favorite Iowa Law memory: Being a part of Iowa Law's ABA Arbitration Competition team

Current employer: United States Army

Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

Job title: Judge Advocate

What is your pinnacle career goal: Become President of the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!!)

Description of what you do: In my current position as a Judge Advocate I serve as a Special Victims Counsel, where I represent Service Members and members of their families who are survivors of sexual violence to ensure their rights are adhered to and their voices heard.

Your interests outside of work: Running, watching the Detroit Tigers, and playing with my dog Kori

What do you wish your 1L/2L/3L self knew about the job search: Have faith in what brought you to law school, do your best, and it will work out.

What advice do you have for success in summer positions: Know your Blue Book, it goes a long way.

Tommy Wisniewski