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Transferring Credit to Iowa

Iowa law students may take classes as a visiting student at another ABA-accredited law school after completing their 1L year at Iowa. Iowa law students visiting at ABA accredited law schools may transfer credits to Iowa subject to the following rule on grades:  Grades received at another law school shall not be counted in ascertaining the student’s weighted cumulate average for any purpose, except that a “D” grade from another accredited school shall be entered on the student’s record as a grade of 1.8 and shall be counted in the weighted cumulative average.  No more than 34 transferred semester hours may be applied towards the award of the JD degree at the University of Iowa College of Law. Iowa students visiting at a law school outside the United States must meet the requirements of the relevant ABA Standards, including limits on transferred credits.

Students seeking credit for courses taken as a visitor at another law school must first obtain permission from the Associate Dean of Students and comply with all relevant law school policies.

Here is information on transferring to Iowa from another law school.