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Zak Hingst ( Class of 2013)

Hometown: Iowa City

Undergraduate school and major: University of Iowa, B.A. in International Studies

Current employer:

State of Iowa - Division of Banking


Des Moines

Job title:

Legal Counsel

Previous positions:

Judicial Clerk - Minnesota Court of Appeals

What is your pinnacle career goal:

A seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the FDIC Board of Directors, or director of the CFPB would all be interesting and challenging jobs.

Description of what you do:

I serve as the legislative liaison for the Division, which includes drafting legislation, monitoring legislative activity, and lobbying on behalf of the Division as needed. This also includes drafting administrative rules needed to implement the statutes we administer.

I also answer legal questions regarding the applicability of the various statutes the Division administers, such as the Iowa Consumer Credit Code, and handle administrative law issues like FOIA requests. Finally, I represent the Division in administrative actions against any of our licensees.

Your favorite part of your job:

Learning about innovations in the financial sector and determining how existing laws apply to these new activities or business models. For example, financial technology (fintech) firms and virtual currency companies often pose new and interesting questions, so there is always something new to work on.

Your interests outside of work:

Reading, writing, travel, games.

What is your favorite movie:

The Big Lebowski

What advice do you have for success in summer positions:

Be attentive, curious, and learn everything you can. The kind of specific, applied experience you can gain in a summer position, whether it's in private practice or the public sector, can be helpful when pursuing a permanent position down the road. Even if it's not with the firm or office you work with in the summer, the knowledge you gain is likely applicable elsewhere.