Board of Directors

The Iowa Law School Foundation (ILSF) is responsible for the quality of legal education that the University of Iowa College of Law provides to its students. The ILSF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of graduates and friends of the College of Law, law faculty, law students, and the dean of the college. These individuals meet twice a year at the Boyd Law Building to discuss alumni relations, fundraising, endowment management, and program support.

Building on its invaluable support for student financial aid, excellence in law teaching, cutting edge legal scholarship, and professional service to the Iowa bar and beyond, the Law Foundation will no doubt continue to be a key force in sustaining and enhancing the College’s national reputation as a top ten public law school for the foreseeable future. (Dean N. William Hines, A Detailed History of the Iowa Law School Foundation: 1952-2017)

Additional biographical information about the current ILSF Board Members can be found in this booklet.

For questions about privacy practices or compliance efforts, contact or see the Iowa Law School Foundation Privacy Statement and Policy.


Robert E. Youle, JD 1976, President
Maja C. Eaton, JD 1984, Vice President
H. Mitchell D’Olier, JD 1972, Treasurer
Karin M. Nelsen, JD 1993, Secretary


Robert E. Youle, JD 1976, President; Chair, Executive Committee
Kevin K. Washburn, N. William Hines Dean and Professor of Law
Robert D. Beach, JD 1973, Vice Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
H. Mitchell D’Olier, JD 1972, Treasurer; Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Maja C. Eaton, JD 1984, Vice President; Chair, Governance & Nominating Committee
Karin M. Nelsen, JD 1993, Secretary
Kim J. Walker, JD 1979, Chair, Development Committee


*An asterisk denotes the names of board officers and Executive Committee members

David W. Alberts, JD 1991, New York, NY
*Robert D. Beach, JD 1973, Maple Plain, MN
Raymond M. Beebe, JD 1967, Forest City, IA
Christina Bohannan, Professor and Lauridsen Family Fellow in Law, Iowa City, IA
Elizabeth R. Boyd, JD 1987, St. Paul, MN
Craig A. Cook, JD 1989, Troy, NY
Jeff W. Courter, JD 1987, Des Moines, IA
*H. Mitchell D’Olier JD 1972, Honolulu, HI
*Maja C. Eaton, JD 1984, River Forest, IL
Angela L. Fontana, JD 1989, Dallas, TX
Thomas P. Gallanis, Associate Dean for Research and Allan D. Vestal Chair in Law, Iowa City, IA
Mackensie K. Graham, Student, Iowa City, IA
Emily Hughes, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs and Bouma Fellow in Law, Iowa City, IA
Terry A. Jacobs, JD 1981, Kensington, MD
Mary K.W. Jones, JD 1993, Bettendorf, IA
Jeffry R. Jontz, JD 1969, Winter Park, FL
Douglas P. Kintzinger, JD 1986, Lake Oswego, OR
Ann M. Ladd, JD 1986, Edina, MN
Stephen M. Morain, JD 1971, Waukee, IA
Darrel A. Morf, JD 1969, Mount Vernon, IA
*Karin M. Nelsen, JD 1993, Minneapolis, MN
Abhay M. Nadipuram, JD 2013, Des Moines, IA
Adam Ramadan, Student, Iowa City, IA
Timothy Ray, JD 1994, Chicago, IL
M. Suzette Recinos, JD 1999, Purchase, NY
Roy P. Roth, JD 1976, Chicago, IL
James G. Sawtelle, JD 1991, Denver, CO
Jeffrey A. Scudder, JD 2006, Phoenix, AZ
S. Lata Setty, JD 1991, Tiburon, CA
Tina B. Solis, JD 1997, Chicago, IL
Leena Soni, JD 1992, Elmhurst, IL
Annette G. Stewart, JD 2004, Jersey City, NJ
Lowell V. Stortz, JD 1983, Minneapolis, MN
Gary J. Streit, JD 1975, Cedar Rapids, IA
Joel S. Telpner, JD 1983, New York, NY
*Kim J. Walker, JD 1979, Omaha, NE
*Kevin K. Washburn, N. William Hines Dean and Professor of Law
C. Dana Waterman III, JD 1971, Davenport, IA
John F. Wicks, JD 1998, Irvine, CA
*Robert E. Youle, JD 1976, Denver, CO


Gail B. Agrawal, Dean Emerita, Durham, NC
Eric Andersen, Emeritus Faculty, Provo, UT
Stephen F. Avery, JD 1966, Spencer, IA
Joan U. Axel, JD 1981, Muscatine, IA
Marvin S. Berenstein, JD 1961, Sioux City, IA
Arthur E. Bonfield, Emeritus Faculty, Iowa City, IA
Willard L. Boyd, Emeritus Faculty, Iowa City, IA
Allen E. Brennecke, JD 1961, Marshalltown, IA
Richard W. Canady, JD 1959, Tiburon, CA
Thomas M. Collins, JD 1952, Oro Valley, AZ
Daniel D. Crouse, JD 1985, Seattle, WA
Marianne B. Culhane, JD 1974, Omaha, NE
Charles H. Dick, Jr., JD 1967, San Diego, CA
Robert N. Downer, JD 1963, Iowa City, IA
Joseph L. Fitzgibbons, JD 1979, Estherville, IA
Jack M. Fribley, JD 1974, Edina, MN
Nolden I. Gentry, Jr., JD 1963, Des Moines, IA
William A. Gould, JD 1970, Seattle, WA
Joel T.S. Greer, JD 1978, Marshalltown, IA
James E. Grier, JD 1959, Scottsdale, AZ
Edgar F. Hansell, JD 1961, Des Moines, IA
N. William Hines, Dean Emeritus, Iowa City, IA
Kelly M. Hnatt, JD 1989, Saint Simons Island, GA
Bradley D. Houser, JD 1987, Miami, FL
Charlotte Beyer Hubbell, JD 1976, Des Moines, IA
Theodore M. Hutchison, JD 1956, West Des Moines, IA
Michael J. Jerde, JD 1973, Sarasota, FL
James D. Johnson, JD 1967, Vero Beach, FL
Carolyn C. Jones, JD 1979, Dean Emerita, Iowa City, IA
Sheldon F. Kurtz, Faculty, Coralville, IA
Roger L. Lande, JD 1961, Muscatine, IA
Cheryl Bloethe Linder, JD 1987, Overland Park, KS
Robert J. Loots, JD 1958, Thiensville, WI
Carol A. Havemann-Lynch, JD 1972, Houston, TX
Casey D. Mahon, JD 1976, Iowa City, IA
Raymond C. Meyer, JD 1984, Chariton, IA
Monica B. Moen, JD 1997, Iowa City, IA
Paul M. Neuhauser, Emeritus Faculty, Sarasota, FL
Maurice B. Nieland, JD 1970, Okemos, MI
Frank W. Pechacek, Jr., JD 1969, Council Bluffs, IA
J. Edward Power, JD 1964, West Des Moines, IA
Mark W. Putney, JD 1957, Carefree, AZ
Carroll J. Reasoner, JD 1976, Iowa City, IA
Lehan J. Ryan, JD 1964, Langley, WA
Jane Ann Schiltz, JD 1980, Mequon, WI
Barbara A. Schwartz, Emerita Faculty, Iowa City, IA
Patricia A. Shoff, JD 1973, Des Moines, IA
Ross H. Sidney, JD 1948, Raymond, ME
Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier, JD 1985, Phoenix, AZ
John-Mark Stensvaag, Faculty, Iowa City, IA
Deborah M. Tharnish, JD 1980, Des Moines, IA
Lea VanderVelde, Faculty, Iowa City, IA
Larry D. Ward, Emeritus Faculty, Estero, FL
John R. Wicks, JD 1964, Minneapolis, MN
Marvin R. Winick, JD 1959, Des Moines, IA