Field placements, also referred to as externships, are one of the College of Law's experiential learning programs. In a field placement, students work outside boundaries of the law school building under the mentorship of a practicing attorney.  Through an intentional and structured field placement, students develop and exercise judgement, acquire practical knowledge, hone their professional identity, and gain other professional skills.

    Patricia Rodrigues Posada, JD Candidate 2023
    Patricia Posada Rodriguez
    Class of 2022
    "I cannot recommend enough an externship experience. The externship programs are incredibly helpful in preparing students to become successful attorneys. I had the opportunity to work in-house at John Deere Financial and at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa. These experiences helped me to put into practice the knowledge I acquired in the classrooms. At John Deere, I had the opportunity to participate in meetings and research issues which gave me an insight into the clients’ perspective of legal issues. In addition, working with Judge Collins provided me with the perspective of seeing the law from the judge’s eyes."

    Summer Legal Placements

    Students may participate in a field placement as soon as the summer after the 1L year.  Iowa Law’s Summer Legal Placement program is specially geared to support students in their first legal experience and help students explore professional options within the legal profession.  Students arrange field placements all over the country and participate in an online faculty-guided course at the same time.  Students have worked in a variety of legal offices, ranging from nonprofit legal services organizations to government agencies, including judicial chambers.

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    Academic Year Placements 

    During the academic year, Iowa Law works closely with local organizations to provide real-world training that helps students transition into practice.  Students may opt to pursue externships at any number of pre-approved placements within commuting distance of the law school, or they can seek to go away for a full-time semester-in-practice in field placement in a specific practice area of interest.

    Academic year externships may be arranged on a part-time, local basis or on a full-time semester away basis.  Students earn one academic credit for every 50 hours worked in their placement and must complete a minimum of four field work credits.  In addition, students take a field placement seminar, which earns an additional two credits.

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    Washington, DC Field Placement Program

    The DC Program is a specialized semester-in-practice program that provides students an opportunity to spend a semester in DC with a cohort of classmates while acquiring exposure to the unique legal environment of the Nation's Capital.

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    New York Pro Bono Scholars Program

    Law students in their final semester of law school may opt to participate in the New York Pro Bono Scholars Program (NYPBSP). The NYPBSP is a unique and innovative program developed by the New York Court of Appeals intended to assist students in preparing for the actual practice of law, impress upon them the value of public service at the start of their careers, and provide much-needed assistance to those of limited means.

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    Additional Information

    Iowa Law students have participated in the performance of legal work in: 

    Government Agencies 

    • Federal Public Defender 
    • Iowa Attorney General 
      • Consumer Protection 
      • Criminal Appeals 
      • Environmental Law Division 
      • Licensing & Administrative Law 
      • Regents Division 
    • Iowa State Appellate Defender 
    • Linn County Attorney
    • U.S. Attorney's Office, N.D. Iowa - Civil 
    • U.S. Attorney's Office, S.D. Iowa - Civil & Criminal 

    Nonprofit Legal Services

    • HELP Legal Aid 
    • Iowa Legal Aid 
    • Iowa State Education Association 
    • Kids First Law Center
    • MacArthur Justice Center 
    • New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. 
    • Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. 
    • Student Legal Services

    Judicial Placements 

    • Hon. Brent Appel, Iowa Supreme Court 
    • Hon. Celeste Bremer, U.S. Magistrate Judge, S.D. Iowa 
    • Hon. Thad Collins, Chief Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Iowa 
    • Hon. Sarah Darrow, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, C.D. Illinois 
    • Hon. Stephen B. Jackson, Jr., U.S. Magistrate Judge, S.D. Iowa 
    • Hon. Matthew McDermott, Iowa Supreme Court 
    • Hon. Christopher McDonald, Iowa Supreme Court 
    • Hon. Dana Oxley, Iowa Supreme Court 
    • Hon. Thomas Waterman, Iowa Supreme Court 
    • Hon. C.J. Williams, U.S. District Court Judge, N.D. Iowa 

    Corporate Counsel Placements 

    • ACT, Inc. 
    • Deere & Company
      • Global Law Services Group 
      • Global Intellectual Property Services
    • New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. 
    • University of Iowa Health Care

    Crediting for the field placement is comprised of two parts:

    1. Each student earns 1-2 credits (graded) for successful completion of the class associated with the placement and taught by a law school faculty member; and
    2. Each student earns credits associated with the field work as indicated in the placement listing or as arranged based on hours worked (pass/fail).

    Students may also separately apply for and propose a placement for credit. Students interested in proposing a placement or with questions about the field placement program generally should schedule a meeting with Professor Tai using Calendly.

    In addition to earning credit for their field work, students in field placements take a class or tutorial, led by a faculty member, designed to maximize and supplement the experiential learning.

    1. Meet with field placement director

    Before submitting applications, you must meet with Prof. June Tai to discuss your goals and interests. Appointments may be scheduled via Calendly: Students will be limited to applying for their top three choices and careful planning will help to fit your goals to the anticipated work in the placement. 

    2. Review the following information: 

    3. Apply for a field placement

    There are two ways students may apply for a field placement:

    • Participate in the Field Placement Program's placement process for pre-approved placements; or
    • Apply for externships separately and receive approval for academic credit from the Field Placement Director.

    4. Have questions about application process?

    Questions regarding posting and bidding on law school arranged field placements, submitting applications forms for field placements, and other logistical aspects of the program may additionally be directed to Amanda Bibb, Program Coordinator.

    Contact Us

    June Tai (1)

    June Tai

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Field Placement Programs
    Professor June Tai is the Director of the Field Placement Program for the law school and supervises students in field placements. Her practice has focused on civil litigation, particularly in patent and other intellectual property disputes.  She earned her J.D. from The University of Chicago Law School and her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.