The Citizen Lawyer Program exists to advance Iowa Law's teaching and service missions. It is a teaching platform for students to develop the knowledge, values, and skills that are central to law as a professional calling. By offering a wide variety of opportunities for pro bono work, community service, and programs about legal issues, skills, and values, CLP extends students' education beyond the classroom while engaging them directly in the College's mission of public service.

Public Service

Public service is a core value of the legal profession, and lawyers are expected to give back generously to their communities and to promote access to justice. The Citizen Lawyer Program works to instill this value in Iowa Law students, and provides opportunities for students to volunteer with a wide range of organizations, both law-related and non-law-related.

Students stand in front of the sign at the Iowa Bar Assciation.

Pro Bono Projects

Pro Bono Projects are structured, law-related volunteer positions with governmental and non-profit organizations. Students assigned to projects are supervised by attorneys within the organization.

Students stand outside Uptown Bill's coffee house in Iowa City.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to engage in community service opportunities beyond the legal field. CLP facilitates volunteer opportunities for students throughout the year and through organized service events.

The Old Capitol Building at University of Iowa at sunset in the fall.

Pro Bono Society & Awards

CLP helps administer Iowa Law's Pro Bono Society and Boyd Service Award, which promote student volunteerism by recognizing their efforts on a semester basis and at graduation. 

Please note that our program does not provide legal services. State law and ethical considerations generally prohibit law students from providing legal advice or representation except in narrow circumstances under supervision of licensed attorney. Our program coordinates opportunities for law students to volunteer with legal services providers.

Professional Identity Development

One of the missions of the Citizen Lawyer Program is to prepare Iowa Law students for their roles as community leaders by helping them develop their professional skills and learn the values of the profession. This begins at the start of the first year and continues with programs and experiences throughout a student's career, including the Lawyers & Leaders series and Pro Bono Projects. 

The Lawyers & Leaders series offers programs to complement the traditional legal curriculum with workshops, lectures, and other programs that focus on pro bono traditions, leadership development, practical lawyer and life skills, and community issues. All programs are open to all students; attendance at one program each semester is one requirement of the Pro Bono Society. Announcements of upcoming Lawyers & Leaders programs can be found in News & Events.

How Do I Report Service Hours?

For current students looking for information about how to track and report service hours, please visit this link to learn more.

News & events

Sunset and dusk photo of Old Capital Mall

Pro Bono Society recognizes 32 law students for their commitment to service

Tuesday, October 24, 2023
These individuals, consisting of both current students and recent graduates, have earned a place on the distinguished honors society list through their dedicated commitment to serving others and cultivating the skills and values essential for a life of public service.
The Old Capitol Building at University of Iowa at sunset in the fall.

Pro Bono Society recognizes 38 law students for their service

Thursday, October 27, 2022
The Pro Bono Society recognized 36 law students as its Spring 2022 Members. Current students and recent graduates were named to the honors society list for dedicating their time toward serving others and developing skills and values that are important to a life of public service.
The Old Capitol Building at University of Iowa

Pro Bono Society recognizes 56 law students for their service

Thursday, October 28, 2021
The society recently announced its Spring 2021 Members, with 56 current and recently graduated students making the list. The Pro Bono Society is an honor society that recognizes Iowa Law students who have dedicated their time towards serving others and developing skills and values that are important to a life of public service.


The Citizen Lawyer Program is directed by Brian Farrell and staffed by student research assistants. The CLP office in Boyd Law Building is staffed approximately 20 hours per week when classes are in session. Please contact us with questions about CLP programs or activities.