The University of Iowa Financial Aid Office offers many financial literacy tools and can assist students in learning how to make a budget

Step 1:  File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa 

Step 2:  Receive Award Notification 

Step 3:  Check your Financial Aid To Do List in MyUI for important or missing financial aid forms.

Step 4:  Review your payment plan and learn about various University of Iowa charges by going to the U-Bill site, Payment options and find out how you will receive financial aid funds

This information can be found through the registrar's officehttps://registrar.uiowa.edu/verifications

Information regarding your financial aid offer can be found here: https://financialaid.uiowa.edu/receivingfunds/notification

If you have questions about your financial aid or have special circumstances you'd like considered, you can contact a Financial Aid Advisor by calling 319-335-9142 or by email law-financialaid@uiowa.edu

Tuition is billed through the University Billing Office. More information on when your UBill is due can be found here: https://ubill.fo.uiowa.edu/when-will-tuition-room-board-be-billed

Tuition and fees will be charged to your UBill which can be accessed through MyUI. More information on how to make a payment can be found here: https://ubill.fo.uiowa.edu/how-can-i-make-payment

Information regarding payment options can be found here: https://ubill.fo.uiowa.edu/payment-options

See here for information on when to expect to receive financial aid: https://financialaid.uiowa.edu/receivingfunds/disbursement

Information on refunds can be found here: https://financialaid.uiowa.edu/receivingfunds/refunds

Yes, loans to purchase a computer are available. Please see: https://financialaid.uiowa.edu/cost/increasecomputer