The University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid offers many financial literacy tools and can assist students in learning how to make a budget

Step 1:  File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa 

Step 2:  Receive Financial Aid Offer 

Step 3:  Check your Financial Aid To Do List in MyUI for important or missing financial aid forms.

Step 4:  Review your payment plan and learn about various University of Iowa charges by going to the U-Bill site, Payment options and find out how you will receive financial aid funds

This information can be found through the Registrar's Office. 

Information regarding your financial aid offer can be found here.

If you have questions about your financial aid, or have special circumstances you'd like considered, you can contact a Financial Aid Advisor at 319-335-9142 or by email law-financialaid@uiowa.edu

Scholarship checks are submitted to the University of Iowa University Billing Office for processing. Click here for more information on how to submit a scholarship check.

Tuition is billed through the University Billing Office. More information on when your UBill is due can be found here

Tuition and fees will be charged to your UBill which can be accessed through MyUI. More information on how to make a payment can be found here.

Information regarding payment options can be found here.

See here for information on when to expect to receive financial aid.

Information on refunds can be found here.

Loans may be available to assist in the purchase of a computer. Please see the Office of Student Financial Aid's website for more information. This is a reimbursement program in which a computer is purchased first and the aid is a reimbursement. Students should speak with an advisor to determine eligibility. 

Starting in the 23-24 year, the Department of Education has required schools to include a reasonable cost for a student's first professional licensure, certification or credential in the students cost of attendance. This previously was available only upon request. This amount is now automatically included in the cost of attendance for all 3Ls. You will see this in the Tuition & Fees section of your Financial Aid Offer in MyUI. Be aware that you are not billed this expense. Students can now receive loans to help cover this cost. Please contact law-financialaid@uiowa.edu for more information if you have questions.

Students can also utilize Bar Exam Loans. These are loans designed specifically for students taking the bar. Bar exam loans allow for living expenses and bar prep courses to be considered. Federal loans will not cover these expenses as they are not required to obtain the first professional licensure. Follow the link below for more information about Bar Exam Loans. This link will take you to the main Office of Student Financial Aid website. You will be able to view Bar Exam Loan lenders. Click View to see if that lender offers these types of loans. Note that you will not need to meet with OSFA staff or complete counseling for these loans: