A law research assistant (LRA) position is an opportunity for a law student to work 10 hours per week with a member of the law school faculty.  Under current University of Iowa practice, LRAs are entitled to the following benefits: resident tuition, a small stipend, and subsidized health insurance.  These LRA positions are available with a variety of faculty members and are a wonderful way to enhance both our law students’ legal education and add experience to their résumés.

Current Openings

The Symplicity CSM  system is used to advertise LRA positions.   To view current openings, please  go to the Student Log On to Symplicity.   If you are a faculty member seeking to advertise an opening, please go to the Employer Log On to Symplicity.   For instructions about posting a position in Symplicity, please see Instructions for RA Postings in Symplicity


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Law Research Assistant?

Law Research Assistant (LRA) positions are primarily intended as learning experiences, which contribute to your progress toward our program of study. RA positions are available during the second and third year with most of the faculty.

What are the advantages to having a salaried LRA position?

Tuition Adjustment for Non - Residents to the Resident Rate. For those students classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes, a quarter-time salaried research assistant position will change your tuition status during that semester to resident, thus reducing your tuition charges and financial aid package accordingly.

Employed Graduate Students/Fellows, enroll online via MyUI. "Student Insurance" is listed under "Student Life Management" on the "Student Information" page.

As you begin any form of employment with the University, federal law requires that you complete an I-9 form to confirm your eligibility to work. You must be prepared to present appropriate documentation to a University representative on or before your first day of employment, who will then work with you to complete this form. Please refer to the list of acceptable documents.

After you secure an RA position with a faculty member, you must complete the appropriate employment forms. Contact the Financial Aid Office, law-financialaid@uiowa.edu, for the required forms.

The fall semester RA program will be with Associate Dean Crain and a member of the faculty who will provide you with information about professor’s expectations. The Director of Financial Aid and the Financial Aid Assistant will also provide you with other important information about your RA position.

Faculty Expectations: An RA position offers professional training as a legal employee. Faculty members will expect you to:

-Treat the position with respect. Be professional and prepared

-Meet submission deadlines. If you suspect you will not meet a deadline inform your supervisor as soon as possible

-If you don’t understand an assignment, ask questions until you do

-Above all: communicate with your supervisor

Bar Character & Fitness: State licensing agencies routinely require you to report all employers on your application. RA supervisors receive the following inquiries from state judicial licensing agencies:

-Would you hire this person again?

-Was this person trustworthy?

-Would you recommend this person for admission to the bar?

For answers to your questions about your paycheck go to the Employee Self Service Website. After you sign in select "Personal" then select paycheck review. All employees are paid by Direct Deposit to a checking or savings account.

After you are hired, many faculty will want you to print and/or copy the materials you find in your research for them. Faculty have a shared Faculty RA Print/Copy account for this purpose. You should not use your personal Print/Copy funds for this purpose. For more information see http://libguides.law.uiowa.edu/c.php?g=103158&p=667770.

Please contact the appropriate staff member based on the subject of your question or concern.

Payroll and Time Sheets: Jessica Diers, 319-335-9142, law-financialaid@uiowa.edu

Symplicity: Nathan Davis, 319-467-3115, law-careerservices@uiowa.edu  

Employee & Supervisor Concerns: Director of Financial Aid, Josh Patterson, 319-467-4666; Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Carin Crain, 319-335-9544.

Hours Per Week Limitations

Student hourly work limitations are established by State of Iowa law.  Student employment exists to support students in the pursuit of an academic degree.  In order to insure success, both in the classroom and on the job, balance is the key. Too many work hours may place a student's academic success at risk. See the link below for more information regarding the work hour limitations for students. 

The limitations below apply regardless of the number of student jobs a student has or the number of semester hours for which they are enrolled (i.e., enrolled in one class or full-time).

See the link below for more information regarding hours per week limitations: