Compassionate Release Work

Graphing Active COVID Cases in the BOP

Starting in March, students in the Federal Criminal Defense Clinic have been involved in efforts to obtain compassionate release for numerous individuals who are at risk of infection or death as a result of the pandemic. As part of that effort, since April 7, 2020, the Clinic has been graphing the Bureau of Prisons’ daily infection-rate data, resulting in the "Top BOP Death Traps Chart," or a graph that shows the most dangerous BOP's facilities as measured by COVID-19 cases.
The Clinic updates the graph regularly, and the most recent version of the graph (and the underlying data) can be accessed here at: COVID Cases By Institution (9/13/2020).

Remember Those Who Die of COVID in the BOP’s Custody

The Federal Criminal Defense Clinic has also tracked and recorded the names of the over 100 people who have died from COVID while in the BOP’s custody. A list and a bit about each of those people (taking inspiration from the NYT) can be found here: They Are Human Too (9-18-2020).