Tuesday, July 21, 2020

To the Students, Alumni, Faculty and Friends of Iowa Law:

The board of directors of the Iowa Law School Foundation endorses and reaffirms the recent statement of its Executive Committee, which recognized and deplored the history of racism in our country. The board stands with Dean Kevin Washburn and the numerous student organizations at Iowa Law that have declared anti-racism to be an important part of their work, and we affirm that diversity, inclusion, and equity are among our Foundation’s core values.

Our mission is to support the College of Law as it educates students to make the most of the challenges and opportunities presented to them in a society built upon the rule of law. Meaningful change will not come easily, but opportunities for change are real and we fully expect Iowa Law graduates to be leaders in that process.

The Iowa Law School Foundation is committed to supporting the Dean, the faculty, and the students as they build a more diverse and inclusive College of Law. As Foundation board members, we recommit ourselves to ensure that diverse alumni remain an important part of the Iowa Law community and feel truly valued and supported by it. We encourage all Iowa Law alumni to reengage with and support the College as it confronts difficult challenges and, as Dean Washburn has put it, strives “to be a force for good at a time when our country needs it.”

We encourage alumni and friends of the College of Law to join us in contributing to the Alexander Clark, Jr. Award Fund, which honors our first African American law graduate, in 1879. The Fund supports a more diverse and inclusive College of Law by defraying the expenses of students of underrepresented groups who visit the College of Law on recruiting trips.