Monday, October 31, 2022

In celebration of Halloween, our law librarians selected a list of the scariest books in the Law Library. It is advised you put on a book jacket for the chills of reading the scary book list...

The Scariest Books in the Law Library: 2022 Edition

The Law Library has something for everyone. This year’s list is vampire-inspired:



Dracula Book

By Bram Stoker

Law Library Fiction PR6037 .T617 D7 1992

Jonathan Harker, a solicitor, travels to the Carpathian Mountains to finalize the sale of England’s Carfax Abbey to the Transylvanian Count Dracula.




Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con that is Breaking America

Giftopia Book

by Matt Taibi

Law Library JK2249 .T35 2010

A darkly comic look at the financial crisis bailout of 2008 and the “grifter class” it spawned.




Blood & Ivy: the 1849 Murder that Scandalized Harvard

Blood & Ivy book

by Paul Collins

Law Library HV6534 .B6 C65 2018

A true-crime story about the murder and dismemberment of Dr. George Parkman, one of Boston’s richest men, in a Harvard chemistry professor’s laboratory.




Property Rights in Blood, Genes, & Data: Naturally Yours?

Property Rights in Blood, Genes, & Data book

by Jasper A. Bovenberg.

Law Library K3611 .G46 B68 2006

Since the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, there are conflicting opinions as to who holds legal title to our blood, genes, and related health information.




Blood in the Water: Feeding Frenzies and the Mass Tort Phenomenon


by Walter Champion & Carlos A. Velasquez

Law Library KF8896 .C43 2021

A look at mass tort litigation in a number of formats, including Agent Orange, the Opioid epidemic, and concussions in the NFL.




Blood Profits: How American Consumers Unwittingly Fund Terrorists


by Vanessa Neumann

Law Library HV6431 .N48 2017

From the publisher: “Attacks like the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan shootings in Paris, the kidnappings and murders by Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the San Bernadino shooting were partially funded by seemingly harmless illegal goods such as cheap cigarettes, smuggled oil, prostitution, fake Viagra, fake designer bags, and even bootleg DVDs.”




As Precious as Blood: the Western Slope in Colorado’s Water Wars, 1900-1970


by Steven C. Schulte

Law Library HD1694 .C6 S38 2016

The diversion of water from Colorado’s Western Slope to the rest of the state has always been contentious. As the population in the Front Range continues to grow, water wars continue.




Blood, Powder, and Residue: How Crime Labs Translate Evidence into Proof


by Beth A. Bechky

Law Library HV8073 .B42 2020

A behind-the-scenes look at the work of forensic scientists and the challenge of they face in remaining unbiased in their work. The books illustrates how “the work of forensic scientists is fraught with the tensions of serving justice.”