Sean Sullivan

Professor of Law

Professor Sean P. Sullivan joined the faculty in 2017. His writing interests include topics in evidence law, antitrust law, and law and economics. Across these topics, Professor Sullivan's research merges traditional legal analysis with economics and statistics.

Before joining the faculty, Professor Sullivan served as an antitrust attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, where his practice focused on the review and litigation of mergers in technology and commodity-chemical industries. He holds advanced degrees in economics and statistics and maintains an active role in the VeconLab Experimental Economics Laboratory at the University of Virginia.

His recent publications include: 

  • The Logic of Market Definition (with D. Glasner), Antitrust Law Journal (forthcoming).
  • Insincere Evidence (with M. Gilbert), 105 Virginia Law Review (forthcoming 2019).
  • A Likelihood Story: The Theory of Legal Fact-Finding, 90 University of Colorado Law Review 1 (2019).
  • Powers, But How Much Power? Game Theory and the Nondelegation Principle, 104 Virginia Law Review 1229 (2018).
  • Experimental Economics and the Law (with C. Holt), in 1 Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics 78 (Francesco Parisi ed., Oxford University Press 2017).
  • Why Wait to Settle? An Experimental Test of the Asymmetric Information Hypothesis, 59 Journal of Law & Economics 497 (2016).
  • What Structural Presumption? Reuniting Evidence and Economics on the Role of Market Concentration in Horizontal Merger Analysis, 42 Journal of Corporation Law 403 (2016).

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Practice and Teaching: 

  • Evidence
  • Antitrust Law
  • Law and Economics
Sean Sullivan (2)
BS, George Mason University, 2005, MS, George Mason University, 2007, PhD, University of Virginia, 2011, JD, University of Virginia School of Law, 2013