The Pro Bono Society is a law student group that emphasizes the importance of public service and volunteerism in the legal profession. In addition, the Pro Bono Society serves as a vehicle to assist law students seeking to earn the Boyd Service Award. Membership is an earned honor that signifies an objectively measured commitment to serving others during the school year, as well as the development of skills and values important to a life of public service in the tradition of pro bono publico.

Pro Bono Society Constitution

To obtain membership, students must be enrolled full time at the University of Iowa College of Law, be in good standing, and have completed one semester of coursework. Students also must complete a minimum of 15 Boyd Service Hours per semester, at least 7.5 of which must be Community Hours, and must have attended one program in the Lawyers and Leaders Series in the semester prior to the semester in which they seek to obtain member status. To maintain membership status, students must continue to complete 15 Boyd Service Hours, be on track to earn the Boyd Service Award, and attend one Lawyers and Leaders program each semester. Further information about these requirements is available in the Pro Bono Society Constitution.

 The Pro Bono Society Executive Board invites those law students who meet the minimum membership requirements to submit an application for membership. Invitations and applications will be delivered to students following verification of Boyd Service Hours once each semester. Invitations for the semester will be delivered no later than the second week of the following semester. Completed applications must be returned by 5 pm on the second Monday following the issuing of invitations. Membership will be approved by a majority vote of the executive board within two weeks of this application deadline. Members will be notified of their selection by e-mail on or before 5 pm on the Friday following executive board approval.